Hi, I’m meno :]

Like many budding designers, my passion for fashion ignited during my early years. I spent countless hours in church, sketching everything from captivating magazine covers to crafting compelling short stories. As I grew into my teenage years, the dream of creating my clothing brand began to take shape. However, like so many of us, I grappled with the twin challenges of procrastination and discipline.

Year after year, I accumulated a list of unrealized achievements and innovative ideas that never seemed to reach the finish line. I found myself settling into a comfortable complacency, convincing myself that I was doing enough. But then, something changed.

This year, I decided to feed the fire burning in my heart and gave birth to “menoware.” The name is a fusion of “amenohix,” my alias inspired by “rainy day” in Japanese, and the letter ‘x.’ The addition of “ware” signifies our intention to expand into various creative realms in the future.

For me, this marks a transformative phase in my life. I’m done with merely dreaming; I’m ready to start executing. And I invite you to be a part of this journey.

By joining the menoware family, I hope you’ll find inspiration and motivation to pursue your most passionate dreams, just as I’ve decided to do.

Thank you for supporting menoware, where dreams are woven into reality.